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Date: May 7th 1944

May 7, 1944

At the moment, I am with the 8th Army School of Artillery taking a Sergeant’s course. So far, I have put in my first week and have two more to go. It is a very good course and very interesting. The instructors know their job and put it in such a plausible manner that it is very easy to understand. Most of the students are 8th Army boys who have fought many campaigns already. The chap I am chumming around with is a Scotch lad who has seventeen years of service to his credit. It is really very refreshing to meet these chaps and get their views. I have already learned many valuable “tips” which should prove useful when we have another smack at the enemy. The mosquito season started on the first of May which is bit of a bother. Apart from sleeping under a special net, we have to take a pill every night that tastes terrible – and rub all exposed portions of our anatomy with an insect repellant. With all these elaborate precautions, I shouldn’t catch any malaria, should I?