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Date: October 17th 1943

October 17, 1943                                                                                                  

Well Mom, here I am doing a guard from the inside for a change. Being a bombardier certainly has its points. Instead of having to stand guard in the rain, I merely see that the fresh reliefs go out on time. It has been lovely the past few days, bright and sunny, and the sea as still as a mill pond. From my window in this large hotel at a peace-time pleasure resort, I get a wonderful view of the sea. I can understand a chap’s love of the salt water. Here I am a prairie farmer living by the seaside, going to bed each night to the slap of the waves on the coast nearby and enjoying it too. The air smells so fresh and clean.

Well, Mom, I suppose you are wondering why we are still lying around England while the rest of the Empire fights, and little wonder. If it were not for Kay, I think I would go crazy waiting for something to break. The town we’re in is very nice, though terribly expensive. I had planned to bring Kay down here until I learned our stay is going to be very short. Boy! Will I ever be glad when I can quit being a khaki gypsy and settle down like a civilized animal again.

It seems hard to believe that young Shirley is actually going to University. She is one young lady that the Swinton clan can be proud of and feel certain she will do very well. Audrey mentioned in her letter that she was hoping to come overseas when her training in the Royal Alec was completed. While I would hate to do the young lady out of a trip, I can only hope the War is over before then. It seems ages since I last saw my rustic relations and I am dying to see them all again.