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Date: October 5th 1943

October 5, 1943

Since last writing, I have completed my four weeks course and returned to my unit. The course was quite interesting but the hours were rather long. I am now a fully qualified driver of tanks. Since I left the Regiment they have moved twice and are now located in a large vacant hotel overlooking the sea. From my window I can watch the tide rolling in. Tonight, the wind is whipping up the whitecaps, so I expect the weather will be rough for a few days. We really are very fortunate to get such a spot and I must say I appreciate it all the more after my four weeks in a permanent army camp. The only fault with the whole set-up is that everything is pretty expensive, and due to the fact that it is a restricted area, I can’t have Kay with me.

I don’t think we will have much to do before Spring, when I hope we will form part of the spearhead of the Allied attack on France. While I’m not looking forward to killing anyone, even if he is a Hun, but it’s a job that must be done. I am very confident we have all the equipment and training necessary to do the job, so don’t worry on that score. As far as the casualties are concerned, I don’t think they will be very heavy, as our supporting arms (Navy and Air force) have an overwhelming superiority. It is grand to see this wonderful equipment in such vast quantities after being called on to help defend these islands in 1940 with practically nothing. The only thing that really caused me any concern, is the post War world we will have to make our start in after the last round has been fired. I, for one, will not meekly submit to the conditions similar to those our boys of the last War came home to. At the moment, I am watching with keen interest the political angling which is going on between Great Britain, Russia, and the USA.

I think this coming conference in Moscow will be very important, and one likely to have marked effect on our post war relations between those two countries mentioned. In many respects, the U.S.A. gives me a great pain in the neck. They are so terribly jealous of our Empire, that I am certain that many of them would cut their own throats rather than see us gain anything from this War. I should certainly hate to find, at the end of this War, that Russia and Britain found themselves with huge armies facing each other in Europe, defending their respective zone of influence. If this is allowed to take place, then you can kiss goodbye to any hope of a permanent peace.

Our only salvation, in my humble opinion, lies in an international Beveridge Plan which embraces all countries and all peoples. In our old League of Nations, each country went there with their own little national axe to grind, each trying to gain something at the expense of his neighbour. In this way, there could be no international understanding, and the present War resulted. Well Mom, here’s hoping that my kids won’t have to carry the torch in the next war. Now that I have aired my views, I guess I had better think about closing. Oh, by the way, please give my love to Audrey and Connie and congratulate Shirley on her entrance to the university.