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Date: July 5th 1943

July 5, 1943

Well, here I am again nicely settled in another “bush” camp miles from nowhere. For security reasons, I can’t have Kay come down even for a weekend, which makes it even worse. Well, I hope the news that the Canadians are finally in action hasn’t upset you too much. Personally, I am glad we are pulling our weight at last. I haven’t the faintest idea when our time will come, though I should think action for us isn’t too far away.

From all accounts, the Allied invasion of Sicily is developing according to plan and, in some respects, better than we had hoped. I really believe that Mr. Hitler has almost come to the end of his tether after a very good run. I don’t mean to say that we will win at a walk, for this is far from the case. I do, however, feel certain that the turning point in this war is well behind us and the Axis are quickly losing the initiative on all points.

Well, enough of this silly old War and so to more personal topics. We had a gun-laying competition recently. Of the twelve layers that took the test, I was the only one to pass the minimum score of 85%. My score was 98% and if the rest of the layers to take the test fail to better this mark, I will win a pound of sterling.

In my last letter, I’m afraid I rather “popped off” and I am very sorry I did, though what I said was perfectly true. I think I may get my break soon, however, because of the “layers” test results. It just remains to be seen.

Kay got her release from the NFS on the 13th of this month. I should like very much for her to be able to come down for a holiday before she goes to work again, but this stupid security drive squashes this.

Well, I expect Alan has the crop situation well in hand by now and I expect he has had a very trying time of it too. I often feel very sorry for the kid because he must feel that he is leading a very quiet life for a fighting Swinton, but please tell him for me, that I consider his contribution to the war effort at least double that of mine.----

On my bed this morning for all to see, lay a handsome prize (and all for me) thanks to the Colonel – the generous lad – 25 British consols (yes, by gad). I hope this will strike your sense of humour and you will overlook the mild cussing that appears therein. -------