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Date: November 30th 1942

November 30, 1942

I went on leave again recently in a freshly cleaned and pressed uniform and once again made arrangements to meet Sir E.D. This time, unlike the last leave, I actually made the trip to Oxford and met the old gentleman. I think I can truthfully say I acquitted myself with honour and enjoyed the meeting too. He really is a nice old chap, much like I expected to find him. We had quite a nice conversation in his study on current war events and possible events to come, and strange as it may seem, we agreed on most things completely. I also learned that he is not always in complete accord with the military and doesn’t mind telling them so. He is keenly interested in tanks as you may imagine, and considered an authority in this field. I had supper with the General and his wife and at 9:50 caught the last train back to London. Mrs. Swinton was very nice too and was keenly interested in the snap collection I carry with me. Sir E.D. said he would have me at any time, providing I would let him know, but I expect I will see him again if I get another leave before going into action. He also asked to be remembered to Dad in my next letter home.

I spent half a day with Liulf at his camp and think he was very glad to see me. I gave him the devil for not coming over to see me as the distance isn’t too great. We are going to try to get our leave together next time, so we can go down to Devon to see the aunts. I also spent a day in Cobham visiting old friends and saw Mr. and Mrs. Ravenscroft. They certainly have been awfully kind to me and I always make a point of dropping in to say “hello” whenever I get the opportunity.

Take care of yourselves and don’t worry about your little boy on active service and please don’t talk promotion to me or I’ll scream. I don’t care if I never get stripes while sitting here in England doing nothing. But don’t worry, I think when we go over the top, you will get the true sense of values as will many others.