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Date: August 1942

August 20-something,1942

Just the usual few lines to lay any fears you may have that your pet ape was in that nice little scrap at Dieppe last Tuesday [sic- it was Wednesday, August 19]. No such luck, but perhaps we will have a chance on the next one, thought I doubt that artillery will be used for anything but a real invasion.

I have just got back from a nine-days leave in and around London. I had a very large time, in fact, such a fine time that I never reached Oxford as intended. I even had a chance to go through a movie studio and set, the R.K.O. to be exact, and the picture being filmed was called “Four Days in the Life of a Hero.” [I believe this may have been the working title for Squadron Leader X as the plot line and timing fit with the description and the involvement of Swinton that follow. V.C.M.S.] It was one of the usual R.A.F. films and should be quite good. If, by any chance, you should see this picture, take particular note of one hut scene when a Nazi spy steals a Spitfire and is detected. Watch closely and you will see a Flight Lieutenant followed by a Corporal (a handsome bloke) rush to the door of the hut, take a long look and then dash madly for the tarmac. This corporal is hatless and his tunic is open, giving the impression of relaxation followed by immediate action.

Please excuse the writing as it is being done under difficulties due largely to a dirty old respirator which must be worn for half an hour every Tuesday morning to get us accustomed to the dratty things.

We are still in the same old camp but hope to move shortly to a spot much nearer London. I hope this proves true, as this is a very deadly hole which should be taken only in very small doses. I wrote Sgt. Swinton yesterday, so should be hearing from him in the next few months. While on leave, I went swimming in the Serpentine in Hyde Park and enjoyed it very much.