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Date: April 21st 1942

April 21, 1942 (extracts)                                                                           

I received a very nice letter the other day from Liulf in which he told me he had received a good promotion and with a good chance of getting his third stripe in the near future. This is good news, as I know it must buck him up after all these months of waiting. He also told me he expected a leave in the next few days and intended to go up to Scotland.

We move out of our billets on Wednesday and are now camped in a wood about twelve miles from our former spot. It was a bit of a shock after the soft winter months, but I find that after almost a week of it, I am beginning to like it, in spite of the cold shaves in the mornings.

Most of the regiment went on a seven-day scheme today, but I was lucky enough to escape, as I was left in charge of the office as I had less experience with field office work. It is really quite a snap, although I can’t honestly say I care for this type of a job. I do feel however, that it is a chance to get ahead and, if I turned the job down, the new Major would take a very poor view of it.

I always wanted to win a promotion on the guns but, in this particular Battery, it seems to be the policy to make the promotions from the office or stores and then send them out to the guns. If we go into action before my little scheme works, then I will quit my job anyway, so I think I have a lead pipe cinch, as some of the boys would say.

Oh, by the way, your cigs have been coming through as regularly as clockwork and are much appreciated. I have adopted the policy of sending the cards back, even though I don’t write. A point of interest for you might be in the fact that yours truly places the orderly-room stamp on same.

Well, we have no lights in the tent so I had better close while I can still see to address the envelope. I will write Audrey direct as soon as I have her hospital address. Take care of yourselves and don’t work too hard. Plant a few extra seeds of corn for me, just in case this War ends suddenly and I come home sooner than you expect. My love to all the clan and I want you to know that I miss you all very much more than I care to admit even to myself. Bless you all.

P.S. I cast vote today on the conscription issue plebiscite, in the affirmative of course, and I only hope it helps to swing the balance, as I know the vote is going to be very close.