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Date: November 8th 1941

November 8, 1941

Things must be very quiet on the farm these days and rather difficult too. Oh well, I wouldn’t worry about things too much, as I firmly believe that changes for the better are sure to follow the War. The Russian are still fighting bravely and I’m beginning to think that they will be able to hold the brutes after all. Conditions must really be hell over there just now, with the mud and falling temperatures. I bought some Xmas cards the other day and some of them are exceptionally nice. I expect to mail the first of them early next week. Last year, if you remember, you sent me a “fiver,” but this year I think it would be much nicer if you spent it on extra Xmas cheer and I’ll be there to enjoy it with you in spirit. Well, the four o’clock meteor report has just come in, so will close for now and get busy on it.

P.S. an extra parcel of dainties would be greatly appreciated at Xmas, as we’re far from our billets.