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Date: October 4th 1941

October 4, 1941                                                                                                    

With the manoeuvres finished last night, we arrived safely back into camp. We made two long night moves in the last three days, which were very satisfactory. The officers are busy congratulating themselves, as, on one of these moves, our regiment was the only one in the 1st Corps to arrive at their position in time to bring down fire at the zero hour. It really was quite a feat, as we travelled nearly sixty miles through strange country full of winding lanes and heavy traffic.

I had a fairly soft time of it on the whole, as we usually had a good night’s rest. Our meals were good and, except for one occasion, quite on time. On this particular occasion, we had to pack up suddenly and withdraw, as the enemy had broken through. Unfortunately, the move came just as supper was being prepared, so we had to do without and our next meal was breakfast at nine the following morning. I didn’t fare badly even on that occasion as we had your Oxo cubes and a chum had a petrol burner, so we had soup. I sneaked the time off this morning to finish this letter, so I guess I’d better finish now and report back to the lines before they start gunning for me. I hear that there is mail in today, so I hope to hear from you. Cheerio.