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Date: September 29th 1941

September 29, 1941

Well, here I go again. Last night we stayed put and had quite a time keeping dry, as it rained all night. My mate and I were quite dry though, as we slept on the floor of the Earl of Limmerick’s summer house. Our day started as usual at 5:30 reveille, breakfast at seven and the usual routine jobs, shaving and washing, and finally a thorough job of cleaning and oiling the gun. Later in the morning we heated some water over an open fire and made some hot Oxo which really did hit the spot as the weather is quite chilly. My machine gun mate has just gone to dinner, so I will have to wait till he returns before having mine. We usually take it in turns so that if I go first to breakfast, he goes first to dinner. The sky is beginning to clear, so perhaps we will yet see the sun today.

The Captain just lost two bob to the Major on a bet that we would be on the move before dinner. The Major, by the way, seems to be a very human sort of chap and was over getting instruction on the machine gun this morning, which, of course, I gave him free of charge.

What do you think of our War now? The Russians still seem to be holding Gerry, though they seem to be suffering heavy losses. I do hope they can hold the brutes, as I feel sure that if once Fritz gets control of Russia, he has all he needs to wage a long War.

Well, it’s starting to rain again, so will have to close but will carry on when we reach our next stop.