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Date: July 3rd 1941

July 3, 1941

I didn’t get a chance to mail this letter after all, so will add a few more lines. We arose at 5:30 a.m. and reached our destination by 10 a.m. The C.O. must have had a good night, as he gave us the afternoon off. I, of course, went swimming and enjoyed it very much as the water was lovely and warm. I just finished listening to the news, which didn’t seem any too cheerful. The Russian communiques are as much like the German’s that I put very little faith in them. Gerry’s march into Russia takes the cake for all time, as far as double-dealing is concerned. Personally, I don’t think the Russians will last long unless we can get immediate and substantial aid to them, especially in the air. I only wish we could spare about a thousand Spitfires and crews to help the Russians clear the air. Well, so much for the War, which gives me pain in the neck. I met a very nice couple the other day near our camp. They were farmers and enjoyed the snaps I showed them of the farm and were very interested in everything pertaining to Canada. I think after the War I will be a “Canada Booster” for some travel agency, as I usually finish by making the people I meet want very much to see Canada.