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Date: July 2nd 1941

July 2, 1941

Sorry I didn’t finish this letter before, but the insects got the better of me. Well, we had our Sports Day yesterday and our battery led all the others by a comfortable margin. Yours truly, with the help of another chap, won the Battery doubles championship at horse shoes and yours truly on his own won two bob from a chap who thought he could play singles. I also came third in a 440-yard dash and second in a three-legged race. Last night a concert party came down from London and put on a very good show. As usual, their jokes were pretty rank, but I guess that’s typical of the music hall performers.

Today it’s fair and warm again, about the second week of beautiful rainless days. I understand we move back to tour billets tomorrow and after the usual C.O.’s inspection on Saturday, prepare to leave for the artillery range I mentioned before. I like these shoots providing the weather is decent, but fail to see the point in going back to the billets as all our kit is with us in the field. I could write pages on various topics but must close now as we are about to leave for a Battery scheme.