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Date: February 3rd 1941

February 3, 1941

I have just returned from field manoeuvers which lasted from 12 o’clock last night until six tonight. We were told last night that it would be a three-day scheme, which didn’t exactly appeal to us. I took my blankets and personal kit, which I didn’t need as it turned out. We travelled from two a.m. until daybreak, at which time we arrived at our destination. The guns were immediately brought into position and made ready for action. The remainder of the day was spent firing at our imaginary enemy in support of a couple of infantry regiments. I certainly had some valuable practice on the dial sight and must say I am fast becoming an efficient gun layer. It really takes quite a time to make a good gunner, but I find the work very interesting, which is half the game.

You ask in your last letter what I thought of the idea of sending 100 cigs at a time rather than two cartons of 300. I think the large carton once a month would be very satisfactory. I started smoking again and really enjoy a cig now. I got a Xmas card the other day which was rather amusing. You can instruct Lorna to thank the little brats for me and tell them how pleased I was to be remembered. By the way, I haven’t heard from Bert Davis for months, but this is probably due to enemy action against our shipping. I went to the “flicks” the other day with my friend Patricia Scott to see “Juarez,” a very good film based on the struggle to free Mexico from French contact.