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Date: September 26th 1940

September 26, 1940

Received two nice letters today, one from Mom and another from Phyl. Both were very acceptable even though they were old, due to the re-addressing. Yes, I am completely recovered from my accident though my memory seems to play some funny tricks on me lately. I saw Liulf the other day, as he was working quite close to our camp here on an aeroplane factory which had been damaged by bombs. He was very glad to see me and I think relieved to see me much the same as I looked the last time he saw me, in June I think it was. He left the next morning for the permanent camp which is about twenty miles from us. This isn’t very far, but as we are on three-hours marching order, it is almost impossible to arrange a visit.

As I mentioned in a previous letter, we moved into billets and I was lucky enough to get a very nice one. The host, Mr. Ravenscroft, is a wealthy manufacturer in London and very kind indeed. Another chap named Lynn shares a very nice bedroom, clean sheets and all. Mrs. Ravenscroft seems to be a very nice woman and has done all in her power to make us comfortable. I have a pint of beer every night with Mr. Ravenscroft before retiring, which he insists is good for me. I was detailed to kitchen parade yesterday and happened to mention to Mr. Ravenscroft that I would have to be up early in order to be at the mess by six-thirty. In spite of my good intentions, I would have overslept if my kind host hadn’t given me a call.

Well, yesterday was sports day and Art McL. and I helped a P battery softball team defeat Q battery, winning by a score of two to thirteen. Pardon me for a moment while I run down to the orderly room as I’ve just heard that there is mail for me. Three cheers, a letter from home and a bunch of lovely snaps, just as I was thinking you had forgotten all about them. The snaps are lovely and just the type I wanted. I have some good snaps too, but can’t send them as they were taken near the coast but will send the negatives at the earliest date.

You can tell Dad he can consider himself quite a good amateur photographer as all his snaps draw loud applause wherever I present them. I am quite sure that some of Dad’s snaps are good enough for competition and I think he should enter them in the first competition that comes along.  Please thank Phyl for her nice long letter, tell her that I appreciate her letters even though I may not write to her personally.

The weather is just beginning to get nippy in the morning and the leaves are rapidly changing color. Tell Dad that the horse chestnuts are ripe and the kids are making ‘conkers.’  The chestnut is wrapped up in a large thorny pad which breaks open revealing a small bright brown nut the color of rich mahogany. Well, I guess that about rounds up the news at this end, except that I am very much alive and happy though I do get a little homesick now and then and particularly when I get a nice newsy letter from home.

I received a letter from Reg the other day in which he reported a heavy hailstorm in the district. I do hope it wasn’t serious, as I know how badly you must need the crop. Reg also reported an abundance of duck which made my mouth water for a duck dinner with all the accessories. Well, take care of your old wooden leg and don’t work too hard and, above all things, don’t worry about me, as I am having a grand holiday.