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Date: August 2nd 1940

August 2, 1940

I didn’t find time to continue last night, so will endeavour to wind up this journal today. I went in for a swim last night in a rolling sea and enjoyed it very much. The big waves can certainly take you for a merry ride, but I was very cautious and made sure that I wasn’t carried out with the back-wash. I am learning to love my dips in the brine and will miss them when I leave. You come out feeling as fresh as a daisy. The weather this morning is very dull and a strong wind is chasing large whitecaps high up on the beach. Last night I fell asleep to the boom of the breakers on the shore, which is a pleasant lullaby.

Well there isn’t much more that I can say about the camp here, so will soon have to close. I received a very nice letter from Les Glover and Art McLaughlin yesterday and was glad to hear that they are still at the same spot. Art McL. is quite a kid and as loyal a friend as you could hope to find. He undertook the task of rounding up my kit for me and seeing that I got it safely. One thing that made me mad, was the fact some louse lifted my pocket book plus ten bob when I was unconscious. From what I have since learned, this is a fairly common occurrence and lies between the ambulance drivers and the hospital orderlies.

Well there goes the whistle for morning parade, so will sign off again to continue later. How is everything at your end? All right, I hope. Just keep on writing and I will eventually get your letters. How time does fly, it hardly seems possible that August is here already. I suppose you are all very busy doing your work and wondering what two apes are up to on this side. By the way, I haven’t seen Liulf since our first meeting or even heard from him though I have written. I expect he writes home fairly often too. I met a chap from the Seaforth Highlanders from Vancouver who said that there were two Swintons in his regiment and he was wondering whether they are any relation. Could this be the case and if so, what branch of the clan would they be?

I forgot to mention that my chalet, which is very comfortable, has two beds, a dresser, a sink and a clothes closet. I have a picture of the old folks on my dresser for the visitors to admire and of course they all think as I do, that you make a fine-looking couple. I intend to get a roll of film and get a few snaps of the camp to send you . On Sunday, a beach photographer took a shot of yours truly, which proved to be a very flattering photo. I will try to get a print to enclose with this letter.