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Date: April 1st 1940

April 1, 1940

I received your letter today, just fifteen days from the date of mailing and was certainly glad to hear from you. I am glad you liked my literary effort and hope I will be able to carry on, though I am often pressed for news. I had letters from others and Phyllis, which arrived on Saturday, also one from Alan a few days earlier. They told me of your decision to have the prostate operation so I was quite prepared for the news of its success. I am very glad to hear that it wasn’t too painful, and am sure you will feel much better when it is all through. It is nice you will have a holiday at this time, as I am sure you will be able to help Alan plan his Spring work, which should start very soon. I am sorry to hear that Alice is sick again, as Liulf seems to be having more than his share of tough luck. I wrote Liulf some time ago, but so far have received no word from him.

We are very busy these days preparing for an inspection by General McNaughton, which will come off on Wednesday and only hope we will be able to make a good showing. Since writing my last letter, I have been transferred from A Troop to battery headquarters, though I am still a driver. So far, I haven’t been able to learn exactly what my duties will be, but imagine I will drive one of the staff cars. However, I am still training on one of the heavy-duty trucks, and so far, have had no accident.

The work is very interesting, but I still think I will try to get back to the guns, if this is still possible. Yes, I guess my spelling is a little rusty, but find it is improving with practise, so please bear with me and note the improvement. Auntie May writes often, and in all is very kind. Well, I wrote to Mother yesterday, so news is scarce and so will close now.