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Date: January 26th 1940

January 26, 1940

I am going to write a few lines every day and then mail the letters once a week. We had a good trip in spite of the cold weather to date. I have seen some fine scenery and some very dreary country. I wasn’t much impressed with Manitoba, the western half is extremely rough and unsettled and the eastern portion is flat and very much like Alberta farmlands.

We didn’t see much of Saskatchewan, as most of it was covered by night. We had a half-hour stop at Saskatoon and had quite a time keeping all the boys rounded up.

We stopped an hour and a half in Winnipeg yesterday and had a route march to loosen our muscles and found it cold and windy. At present, we are rolling through Northern Ontario, seeing miles and miles of firs and small lakes. By 10 a.m. Saturday we expect to hit Ottawa so will write again from there.