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Date: April 20th 1944

V-79878 P.o. Arthur Bergquist

H.M.C.S. York,

Toronto, Ont.,

April 20, 1944.

Dear Ma, Pa, Rub & Ruth:

Just a few lines to let you know that I received your letter that you wrote on Tuesday. Since Sunday the weather here has been pretty swell, the sun has been out quite a bit. It sure is a lot better when it is nice out because we go outside and march around a lot. It is a lot better than being inside. Tuesday of this week the bunch that I am in went to the Y.M.C.A swimming pool. Seeing that I can’t swim I didnt go in. The swimming instructor told me that if I liked he would take me and a few fellows up there some afternoon and within half an hour could teach us to swim the length of the pool. I don’t know whether I will go or not yet. I would be nice to be able to swim a bit though.

You sure must be busy at the office these days Ruth, work-ing late pretty near every night. Last night by the time I had written my letters to you and one to Lorraine it was eleven o’clock, so I headed right up to our room. When I got there “Jim” was fast asleep and didn’t even hear me come in. In the morning on the way to the ship we stopped and had a cup of coffee and toast. To-night I had dinner here at the canteen again. I had pork roast potatoes, peas & gravy, a couple of slices of bread, and a home-made doughnut, coffee and a preserved pear. That sounds like a pretty good dinner for 35c don’t you think? We may go and take in a show to-night it is now 8.05 P.M. so I guess I will be able to have this letter written in time. “Jim” thinks I sure do a lot of writing, but I tell him that I am just a slow writer, thats all, and nota very good one at that.

I sure miss taking Lorraine home at nights like I used too. I often wonder if she has someone else to take her home now, but seeing that she stays with Mrs. Moore most of the time, I guess she doesn’t get home very often. She told me when I last seen her that there wouldn’t be anyone else taking her home, and I believe she meant it. She told me in her last letter that Mrs. Moore & herself had been going to shows pretty near every night last week, as it got pretty tiresome sitting around the apartment.

The suitcase came to-day Ma. It sure will come in handy for me to put my suit in when I travel. I think when I go on the train I will put my dress suit in the suit case and wear the one I was issued with. That sure was a swell job you made of the celluloid case for my name Ma. it sure was a good idea. The papers you have sent I got too. I havent phoned Mrs. Wittahen’s sister yet. If I don’t phone her this week I will next for sure.

Thanks a lot for writing to me Pa., and I could read it alright too. Im glad to hear that you are planting your garden again, and I hope you get some Pumpkins like you did last year. You can tell Carlson and the boys at the shipyard that I think of them quite often and that when I come back I sure will drop into the shipyard and pay them a visit. I meant to phone Dunc Oglivie that I was leaving for “Toronto”, but I forgot to in the last minute run. Maybe you can tell Carlson to tell Dunc. that I meant to let him know, Carlson would probably see Dunc. at quitting time. Say Hello! To old Tom on the deeking crew for me (you know the old fellow with the hunchback) Pa. Tell Carlson too that I hope he was able to get some use out of the notes that I gave him.

I am feeling alright, and I am sure taking good care of myself. I can read your letter fine Pa so dont forget to write again soon.

I guess you are busy with your garden these days too, eh Ma? Ill bet with the flowers starting to come out now it is starting to look swell out there. Don’t forget to write me again too Ma, I’d sure like to hear from you and I can read your writing fine.

Well I guess if “Jim & Jane” going to a show to-night I’m afraid I will have to stop for now so hoping that you are all alright I will stop here.

Love to you all


P.S. Rub! Don’t you forget to let me know just as soon as you hear from the Navy.

P.S. Will write again to-morrow or the next day, and I will be phoning you all on Sunday between 5 & 6 P.M.-P.S.T.


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