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Date: June 30th 1944
Arthur Bergquist

Princess Alice Camps,

[?] Island,

Midland, Ont.,

June 30, 1944.


Dear Ma Pa & Ruth;

Justa few lines to let you know that I received your letter to-day. Well this is Friday night and to-morrow afternoon I will be in “Midland” and I will be seeing Rubert there. I haven’t been off this island since Monday night so it sure will be swell to go to “Midland” to-morrow A fellow was telling me to-night that there is going to be a carnival in “Midland” to-morrow night. I guess that is because it is the first of July, I kind of lose track of the holiday, now so I kept forgetting that to-morrow is a holiday.

We got paid to-night but they made a mistake with my pay and I am away short. I got $59 but I figure that I should have got about $125 at least, so I am almost $78 short. If there is any place in “Midland” that I can get money order or a postal note I will get one and send home. I dont know whether the post office will be open or not, seeing as to-morrow is the first of July. I have to see a fellow in the morning and fill out a form about how much short I am and it will be sent into “York”. Some fellows didn’t even get there pay, so they sure get things balled up. They will get it straightened out though and I should get the next in a week or so. Maybe I can get a postal note in a drug store, anyways I will find out to-morrow, and if I can I will send you some money to-morrow.

The only difference to my uniform when I get confirmed will be that I will have the nice brass buttons and a sort of silver cap badge. If you remember, the cap badge I have now is a red one. The next step after being confirmed is a Chief P.O. 3rd class, and if I get that far I will have three brass buttons on the bottom of each sleeve I wouldn’t have the Crossed Hooks and the Crowned Axes on the sleeves of the coat first they would be on the lapels of my coat instead. I guess I would look kind of fancy with all those brass buttons and the gold things on the lapels. I wrote a letter to Rubert earlier in the week and asked him if he would buy me a new P.O, cap badge and I would pay him for them when he came to “Midland” to-morrow. Ill bet Rubert [?] will look swell in his uniform to-morrow, and I hope I will be able to take his picture, because it sure will be swell to have one and to send you them home to you.

I have signed the paper from the Bank, and I am enclosing it with this letter. I believe the amount is about right, it isn’t far off anyways. It sure will be nice when you get your safety deposit box, it sure will be handy to have to put things in.

It sure has been hot here this week. If it keeps up like this it sure wont be long before the blueberries will be ripe. I guess I will be sick of eating them before they are gone. I see there are a few raspberry bushes around too. Are you getting to have many raspberries at home this year?” I sure hope you have lots of apples.

Well I guess this will have to be all for to-night so hoping that you are still all okay I will stop here until to-morrow

Love to you all


P.S. I am feeling okay except for a bit of sunburn, I will probably look like a nigger by the end of summer.


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