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Date: October 29th 1917
Miss Bridges
J. Obed Smith

29 OCT 1917

Dear Madam, 

Recent changes in the regulations regarding permission to leave for Canada on a transport ot any other steamer, require that all persons, including the wives and dependents of Canadian soldiers, must make application for a passport. 

The application form may be obtained by writing to or calling on the Secretary of the Office of the High Commissioner for Canada, 19, Victoria Street, London, S.W.1., and as no one can embark without a passport, it is recommended that you secure an application form for passport, complete the same and return it to the High Commissioner's Office at the very earliest date. If you have already takena ction in connection with your passport through the High Commissioner's Office, or the British Government Passport Office, 59, Victoria Stree, Lonson, S.W.1., this letter will not further apply to your case, except to emphasise the fact that every person above the age of 16 years must not have a passport. 

yours faithfully, 


Assistant Superintendent of Emigration. 

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