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Date: December 13th 1944

Midland, Ont.,

Dec, 13, 1944.

Dear Ma, Pa, Ruther & Rubert:

Just a few lines to-night to let you all know that I am okay and that I hope you are all okay too.

By the time this letter gets home you will be home Rubert, and I sure hope you had a good trip. Did you have very much snow on the way home, Rubert? There sure was a big storm in “Toronto” the night you left there. They say in the papers that it was the biggest snow storm in the history of “Toronto”. I am sending some pictures that I cut out of the paper, so you will all be able to see what the streets looked like. I had to come back to “Midland” on the bus and it was 10 o’clock this morning when I got back here. the snowstorm missed here because there isn’t much more snow here now than when I left for “Toronto” to meet you Rubert.

I’ll bet you sure are glad to be home again Rubert. Did the Fluffys know you when they saw you Rubert or did little fluffy run behind the stove like he did when he saw me? When I was writing a letter in the canteen yesterday a fellow by the name of “New” came in, and he was asking me about you. Rubert, He said that he trained with you at “[?] and “York”. He has had his leave and is now down at “York”.

I sure had lots of mail when I got back early this morning. There were five letters from all of you, and one from “Dane Oglivie”, “Dane” also had a Christmas card in with his letter. I also got the 2 lb box of De Brent chocolate that you sent me to send to Florence and the card to his mother and father. You sure made a swell job of wrapping the box Ruther. I’ll bet “Lorraine” will get a surprise to get the box. It sure is swell of you all to be sending me four one lb boxes of Greta Ann chocolates. I will do as you say and give Larson and Peterson a box and the other to Lau. You all shouldnt be sending me so much, but it sure is awfully swell of you all. Thanks again for the five collars you gave me for Christmas Rubert, It sure was swell of you and I will buy myself something with the money.

Thanks a lot for your letters Ma & Pa that I received this morning. I sure will be missing not being able to be home this year, but I will be okay. I sure am glad that you are home for Christmas Rubert. Don’t forget to see Alf if he is home. Rubert, How is the car running it sure was running good when I was home.

The weather is pretty cold here again, the temperature was 16 degrees when we left the house this morning. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us get some more snow here any day now. It sure is cold enough for it. these “Duffle vests” that we have are warm though so a fellow doesnt notice the cold so much. I guess the main thing is to have good warm clothes and we have them alright.

To-night I guess I will go skating with Larson and Peterson. To-morrow night I think I will go to the show. My Christmas parcel for you all is on the way. It is going “Express” so you will be sure to get it before Christmas.

Well Ma Pa Ruth & Rubert I guess I will have to stop here for to-night, so hooping again that you are all alright I will stop here for now and will write again to-morrow night.

Love to you all


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