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Date: October 9th 1944
Arthur Bergquist

Midland, Ont.,


Dear Ma. Pa & Ruth:

Just a few lines to-night to let you know that I am okay and that I hope that you are all okay too.

It is now 11.30 here and I have just come back from the show. I saw a picture called “Song of the Open Road”. There was only the one picture on and it wasn’t too bad. I was just thinking that at this very moment the shows in Vancouver are probably all lined up seeing as it is only 8.30 there now. I havent had any mail since Saturday so I guess there will be a couple of letters for me to-morrow. I sure hope so because I sure look forward to getting mail, in fact thats all I look forward to now.

It has been sort of a miserable day here to-day, raining most of the time. The lady here had chicken dinner to-night. She is charging us 8.50 a week each so we paid her for the next four weeks. That sure is pretty reasonable, dont you think?

This morning I didn’t get up until 11.30 so I have had lots of sleep over the week end. There is a lot of work for us to do so we will be heaps busy. It is a good thing we have lots of work because work is the only thing that will make the week pass quickly.

I was thinking to-day that there is one other thing that I forgot to bring with me and that is my gloves. I don’t need them just now but they will probably come in handy when the cold weather starts. Maybe you could put them in with the overalls.

All I did during the day to-day was to walk down to the Post Office to see if there was any mail, but seeing as this was a holiday the Post Office was closed. Peterson was on watch down on the dock all day so later in the afternoons Larson and myself took a walk down there and we listened to the baseball game over the radio in the saloon of the “[?]” It is a battery set and looks like a suit case (leather) and it sure is a swell set. This “Lieutenant Smith” must have a lot of dough. I guess he will be back from his leave soon.

Well what have you all been doing to-day? Did you go to a show to-night. I sure hope your leg is okay now Pa, and that you are okay Ma, and you too Ruth.

There isnt much news to-day so Im afraid I will have to stop here for now, and I will write again to-morrow night.

Love to you all


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