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Date: August 8th 1944
Arthur Bergquist

[?] Island

Midland Ont.,


Dear Ma Pa & Ruth:

Just a few lines to let you know that I am alright and that I received two letters from you and two from Rubert to-day. I also received the two shirts and the four collars that you all sent me for my birthday. It sure was swell of you to send me such a swell birthday presents; especially when you had already sent me five dollars each a couple of weeks ago. They sure are swell shirts and the collars are too. Thanks a lot for the birthday cards too, they both sure are swell. It sure was lucky too that they should get here to-day, it sure was a swell surprise.

To-day I also received a birthday card from Lorraine, and inside the card she wrote that there was a parcel on the way for me and that she hoped I would like it. I hope I wont have to wait for it like I have been waiting for the identification bracelet which hasnt showed up yet.

Well all day to-day I have been working on the decks of the “Haida”. This morning the boat went on a cruise and this afternoon the boat went to “Penetang”. Penetang isnt nearly as nice a place as Midland. It is more hilly and it is not nearly as clean. I guess it is not as clean because there are a couple of beer parlors there and a liquor store, while in Midland there are no beer parlours or liquor stores. The boat wasin Penetang for half an hour so I was able to walk up town and get a dish of ice cream and a bottle of pop. It was awfully hot to-day so I guess I got too much sun because I have a headache to-night, but except for the headache I am okay.

To-night we are just now having a cup of tea with crackers and cheese. It sure is nice to have a cup of tea at night like this. I figured that I would go to “Midland” to-morrow night on the Liberty boat but a fellow was telling me to-night that they are only going to “Midland” two times a week now instead of three. They change things so often around here that a fellow never knows from one day to another just whats up.

It sure is nice to be able to go to “Midland” and take in a show or go to a dance, and have a sundae I don’t know yet just what week-end I will be getting off but as soon as I know I will let you know. It may be a couple of weeks yet. I will only get one more long week end off on this island because in three and a half weeks from now they will be closing this place up. I sure will be glad too when I leave this island, and on Sept 3rd I will put in for my leave, and I sure hope I get it because it sure will be swell to be on the way home. Larson and this Peterson fellow are both waiting for there leave too but I have been in three weeks longer than they have so I will be putting in for my leave first. After I have my leave I have a good mind to go after a chief PO ranking myself. Maybe though by that time this business will be over and that sure would be swell, because it wouldn’t be long after before we would all be working on our own again.

Thanks a lot for your letter Pa, those banana squash you have in your garden must be pretty big. So they have launched #45 now at this shipyard eh Pa! That sure is a lot of boats, I believe the last one I worked on was #35.

I also received your newspaper to-day Ma. They sure are nice to get. How is your garden these days Ma? Are your carnations still out. I guess it be long now before you will be making apple pie. Do you still get whipping cream off of the milk bottles?

Well it is getting kind of late and I am just about out of news so Im afraid I will have to stop here for to-night, so hoping that you are all okay I will stop here

Love to you all


P.S. thanks again for the birthday presents you all sent me, it sure was swell of you to send them to me.

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