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Date: July 24th 1944

[?] Island

Midland Ont.,

July 24, 1944.

Dear Ma Pa & Ruth:

Just a few lines to-night to let you know that I am alright and that I received your letter to-day, also a post card and your newspaper, Ma. It is nice to read the news about Vancouver.

Well I am back on the island again having got back just about an hour ago. It feels kind of the [?] coming back on the island after having the week end off in Midland. It is a lot better being in Midland where a person can go to a show or get a Sundae, or go dancing but as for dancing I dont go very often. I guess I will probably go into Midland on Wednesday night again and take in the show.

This afternoon I bought a dozen oranges and a lb of bing cherries and brought back to the island with me. The cherries cost 39c a lb. is that a lot more than they are in Vancouver, now? The oranges cost 30c a dozen, but I think that is pretty reasonable for oranges, isnt it? They aren’t big ones though but they are sweet and juicy.

Well I came back here after my weekend with only three dollars left from the twenty that you sent to me. It sure is surprising how fast money goes, all I did was stay at the Hotel, eat meals went to the show and to the dance Saturday night, and I phoned Lorraine just after I talked to you all. Perhaps it is a good thing that I only get one weeks and a month now, because it sure costs money having a week end off especially from Friday noon until Monday afternoon at 4o’clock. I didnt have time to tell Lorraine that I phoned you too on Sunday so I have been wondering if she phoned you after I had talked to her.

So Berwick, the architech phoned you eh Pa? It sure is nice to know that we will have work ahead of us when this business is over. Say Pa, how well do you know this “Jack Beaton” fellow? He is chief shipwright in Halifax so I think it would be a good idea if Rubert were to look him up, because through him, Rubert may be able to get a better job, because there sure arent many that know as much as Rub. Does about a boat. I dont see that it would do any harm for Rub. to have a talk with him, and let him know who he is, and if you know this “Jack Beaton” well, that ought to help a lot. Let me know Pa, how well you know this fellow. I guess you may remember that this “Jackson” fellow who I worked with at the “West Coast” told me look him up. I told Rubert to look him up and sent Rubert his name, so I guess Rubert will be seeing him one of these days. Maybe if this business doesn’t end As soon as we expect I may be sent there next myself. If I do though I sure hope that I get my leave first so that I can come home. It sure will be swell if this Drew Pearson is right and if is over by Sept 15th, boy! that sure would be swell.

Well to-day in Midland it rained quite a bit. At noon to-day an American boat called the “North American” came to Midland. It stops there for a couple of hours so the passengers can have time to look around the town or take a trip out to the “Shrine.” Midland sure is a busy place during July and August. I took a shirt and three collars [?] to the laundry and gave them to a fellow there who has pressed my dress suit a couple of times. He was telling me that before the war pretty near every body was on relief here, but now the place is booming.

Gosh! They sure are swell post cards of Vancouver that you send. The last one sure is swell taken from Little mountain. They sure make a fellow wish he were back again  And the first card showing Granville St, it sure would be swell to be able to walk up it again too.

The “Lady B” sure is a swell boat alright Ruth. It is on this boat that we will start caulking the decks to-morrow. I will be the kind of a job that will make the day go fast and that is the way I like to see them go right now.

I havent worn my white uniform yet so I doubt very much if I will now seeing as how it will soon be August and then the summer will soon be over, I don’t care though, in fact, I kind of glad, because they would be too hard to keep clean.

Well how did you make out with your preserving the cherries Ma? Did you get many quarts? It sure was nice of them to let you have so many this year. I think I will eat a few of the cherries I bought to-day and then hit the hay.

Well I guess this will have to be all for to-night so hoping that you are all okay I will stop here and write again to-morrow

Love to you all


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