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Date: May 8th 1943
Helen and Howard

May 8 1943

Dearest Helen and Howard

Well my love how are you all I had a letter from you since I write last. But that has been at least 3 weeks ago. We have been on the go all the time and finaly we got a place to stop for a while. Boy it is shore swell over here now remember last year at this time when I wrote and told you how pretty it was well it is the same now. How I wish we could enjoy it together But I heard this morning that we had the black boys beet in Africa. So we may get this darn argument over sooner than I think. Well I look at that darn water and every time I do I wish I was headed back over it. But as I have said befor it seams like I can’t think of any thing els but that getting home. How is out little feller coming along shore hope you keep him small for me and let him grow when I get back. Because if he gets talking to much he is liable to tell me to buzz of when he don’t wan’t me around. And I would likely do it without thinking because I am getting so darn used to being told what to do and doing everything pronto. So I think when a fellow gets so darn used to orders his wife may have a fare life what you think. Did Ben write and tell you he was married I got a letter from him the other day telling me all about it but I think I told you in my last letter. Every one is out at a dance tonight But I took a lads place that was C.B. so I could get this letter away while I have the chance. Well there I go scraling all over the page again. I havn’t heard from Mother for about 3 weeks nor you so I suppose the mail has stoped again, I have been down and has a swell bath today boy is it ever good to get cleand up again and got a few of my close washed. And has them just about dry and she started to rain and well you know that rain is wet the same here as over there. I had everything dirty we never got a chance for a heck of a time now untill the other day to do any thing. I even got my uniform presed this afternoon and maybe you think those tunicks don’t get you down trying to get the pleats in them. Tell me if you got you raze in pay yet you should get another $3.00 a month. You know I forgot how to brake a dollar sign. Its about time I am going back to a good country when a fellow forgets that. well honey I will call this a letter as I can’t think of any more to write and please don’t think I don’t wan’t to but it is just like Tom said now when he seen me to tell you if I wrote over four pages the rest would have to be his and you know me better than that. So will say goodby for now and hope to be able to write again soon. and to hear from you. I love you with all my heart honey and little Howard I hope he will know his daddy. I am yours for ever and don’t ever get any crazy ideas I am not as ever yours loving

Husband Bill XXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOO and don’t forget to give Howard his to.

P.S. Hope to get some pictures taken tomorrow and don’t worry about me honey.

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Original Scans