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Date: May 1st 1942

Gn. S.W. Evans M36468

No 1 C.A.R.U.

C.A.A.F   C.A.O

May 1 1942

Dearest Helen.

Well I am waiting for a letter from you I am wondering how you are and what you are doing and everything in general. I am just fine but I am more homesick than I thought a man could be if I just had you here I would be happy. because it is a swell camp and country around here. I am working like Hell here we are taking our Basick Training all over only twice as hard. I havn’t heard from Ben or seen him since we landed. I can’t seem to find out anything here. Well sweetheart I can’t think of any thing that would intrest you unless one little word I love you more than ever. If it could be that way. Here gose for a line on what I have been doing we have wrote test after test and now we are going on a root march I was on one the other day. Boy when we take P.T. we realy have it and we take it every day. We went for a five mile run the other day and another today so maby you will have a man when we come back. you should if P.T. has any thing to do with it. Well kid I had a glass of beer last night fore the first time and it was the last I don’t like it. I have learnd to count English money and what a job. Well we are on the air raid patrole now that is looking after the people that may get in the way of the eggs. And boy if they do get rouph I am going to hunt my hole in a hury. So don’t worry about me I can realy run as one of the boy found out the other night. Well that is enough of that. But kid I am not afraid any time. I don’t think of any thing but when I will be back home with you. Well I just ran into an old friend of ours or do you know him it is Garner from Disbury his number is the one after mine so you know we were together at Camrose and we are still together. It shore seems funny around here every one going out with girls and going miles to find them but Garner feels the same as I we just never give it a thought and we go and see a show I always thought before that I would have to make my self stay away from girls. As yet I have know liking for them ispecially these over here. They are shore stricked in this camp with a married man you carry your pay book all the time and it is the same as a pass it says in there married or not and the M.P. looks at it if you are married and are with a girl bingo in the can you go. I think it should be that way every where. Don’t you. Every one over here thinks the way will be over this year Boy I hope they are right. It better be or I am coming back on my own powr. Well honey there is a show down here tonight and I think I will go. You know kid I dreamed you were on your way over here and I met you on the boat some how and I made you go back I have been wondering why the air raid alarm went and woke me up I realy thought I was with you again but dam old Gerry he would wake me up. It is funny I never dream as a rule and when I do it usualy means something I hope it isn’t any thing wrong with you or any one at home. It may seem funny yo tell you this but it has been woring me as I said before when I dream something always happens good or bad eather one. Well I feel like writing all night but I can’t think of what to put down here. Well I hope you get a letter here soon. Say Helen if any thing happens or you whan’t me to know somthing fast just send a cable gram and use the same address as you do on my letters it will get here in 6 hours you know like the one I sent you. Goodnight honey I will write soona dn hope to hear from you soon. Yours for ever and ever Bill evans.

P.S. if you see any one there tell them to write. Boy I wish I could figgure out a way to get with you. Well.


OOOOOO goodnight sweatheart.

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Original Scans