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Date: March 30th 1943

March 30 1943

My dearest Helen.

Well my love how are you I am fine. Just landed in the Hospital the other day with the dam impetigo the same as I had before. It is only in my eyebrows thank gosh and not bad either I hope to be out in a few days. We where out on the ranges when I thought I had better go and get it over with so the M.O shot me right in. so you see the army does work fast once in a while.  Say honey did you get my letter answering your question about moving to Acme. I shore think it would be swell. And hope you will do it because as you know I can’t save money over here and where you have a little income of your own that is something to keep you working for those and if you get me on your mind as much as I do you it helps a lot to be working or just doing somthing dosn’t it. How is our little money coming I shore wish I was as lucky as you in that way just to see him every day. I don’t see why they don’t make it so we could trade jobs once in a while and send you here and me there and we could meat in the middle or half way accross but I don’t think they could ever get us appart again do you? Maybe that is why they won’t give me leave to go back. But honey if it wouldn’t stop your pay I would be over there a long time ago. But one never knows when it may stop and it would shore be heck to get back for a day and they handed out the discharge slips and instead of getting that I got two years in the jail house. Well why I talk about that I don’t know unless it is to tell you how much I miss you and Howard. But shorly to gosh this darn war won’t go on much longer. What do you think. Myself I hope it would quit right now but I don’t think it will till next Sep. I hope I am right. Well next month I will have been over here a year But it seems like three or more to me. I am shore glad I have you and Howard to think of or I would be in the pen all the time. But as it is I only have five days C.B. since I joined and that don’t go on my crime sheet.

I receive your swell parcel of soap and bars and life savers those choclate drinks are good to by the way. They are so easy to make up just take a tin of gas heat a little water and it is made in about two mins. You said that shaving cream was hard to get. It is over here to and it isn’t worth trying to get a shave with. But you have send over just the right amount to keep me going all the time to if you can manage to get it. I can realy use it. I don’t know when I will get a picture taken I tried to when I was on leave but know go. Well honey I will finish this later as it is almost supper time so for a few min. OX goodbye.

Well honey here I am again I just had a look at myself and I am darn neer all better now so it won’t be only a few days I hope till I get back to the Reg. But how I wish it was going back home instead. Say by the way have you heard from Ben. I got a letter from him some time ago and I still havn’t answered it. So I guess I had better go see him or answer pretty quick or he will be taking me in hand. Well honey how much do you miss daddy anyway. I bet I can guess. I was just saying to one of the boys that I have a darn good notion to get you over here. But the hold troble is you never know when we are going to leave for some other place and who knows it may be over soon. Those was just one of the boys came in and said that there still isn’t any mail in Camp yet. But don’t you stop writing because it will all get to me sooner or later. And I will send you a wire every pay day from now on that is if I can but I will be shore to send one every month. So don’t think there is anything wrong just because you see a cabel gram come in. How will you like that?????

Well honey don’t forget to write and tell me all you know about people arround there and everything as I said before what are our family trouble beside being appart. What is my little boy Ken Taylor going now. I heard a lot but I don’t beleave only what I see. You know where are shore a lot of fellows coming over all the time and I run in to the odd one every once in a while of course we all ways get our heads together and have a good chat about everything. Well my love will say goodby or goodnight for now with all my love dearest your Daddy


P.S. Keep your chin up honey remember I love you more than ever if I could be and I hope to be home some day soon. But till then we will just have to make the best of it. I am yours for ever honey. Give Howard a big kiss and hug for me XXXXOOOOO

Your Bill

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