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Date: March 25th 1945
Helen and Howie


March 25/45

My dearest Helen

Well my love how are you today your old man is still as good as could be under the present conditions wich are not to bad except of course missing you as much as ever. Had a swell letter from you yesterday mailed on the 6 of March Boy it was realy swell honey I realy love to get a letter like that when you express your thoughts as that is just the way I feel you said how much you and I mean to each other and you sort of asked me in a way of your own as I guess only I could figure out if I still loved you the same. Well honey you never need to worry of me changing my mind about you as you are all that keeps me going one of my friends here was in a sort of sweat wondering what he chould do. He broke up with a girl in Can. before he left at home I should say And he has been worrying about her ever since but the other day he had a letter from her and she has a babby now. She was a bad girl to drink and that was why they broke up. He loves her and said the babby makes no difference to him And he was asking me what he should do. If he should ask her to marry him or if he should marry this other girl. I told him if he thought enough of a girl to marry her it wouldn’t matter if she had 10 kids and if he can see his way clear to keep them he would do anything just to be with her. And I also told him that being over in England and all these other countrys and meating girls has never changed his mind that I would do as I thought would make me most happy. What would your answer be don’t tell me I think I know. As you know what love is, as well as I do. If one is meant for another they will never be appart even though we are in boddy don’t you say the same. And kid don’t think I am fooling when I say that because I mean it with all my heart. That isn’t the first fellow that has asked that question. I guess they know I am happily married. I just got back from seeing my old regiment 6th field. They are just a little way from me now was realy good to see them. You may wonder why I can’t write worth a D__ tonight but my finger has a little cut on it and they put enough bandages on it to cover my hole arm I think.  By the way I guess I had better give you my knew address as it has changed yes changed you will no all the branches of the Can. Army befor I get home I guess. My addresss now is:

M36468 Ctm. Evans

#6L.A.D. – A.C.F.M.E.

ATT.—C.H. of Ottawa (N.C) C.A.O.

I am attached to the Cameron Heighlanders of Ottawa. The best place I have ever been been or a man in the army over here could ever wish to be. I finaly made it. It took a lot of moving around and a lot of being pushed about but it is worth it there are only a few of us here and it is just like a little family. There is only one thing better and that is to be home with you my love. Well I don’t think this war will last so long now as long as we do as good as we are now. You where saying Howie was cranky he better be a good boy and go to sleep when daddy gets home. and I think his mother will have someone else to sleep with at least go to bed with the first few weeks. Yes I think we will have to make up for lost time. What you say about it. So you hear the war is over you had better start telling him to get over and make room for daddy as I am a commin home on the fly. Well my love I must close now. I hope to hear from you again soon my love. All my love dearest and give my love to Howie every night till I get home.

Yours forever

Your husband Bill



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