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Date: March 14th 1945
Helen and Howie

March 14th/45

My dearest Helen and Howie

How are you my love Had a swell letter from you kid just two days ago you realy made me feel like a snake that I havn’t writen you mor often. You have realy held up your end of this corispondance I wish I could have a clean concianse like you can but there are times I can sit down and write and other time I will start a letter and some one will come on or I just can’t think and that is why I havn’t writen as much as you it’s not that I don’t think as much of you as ever I do. I love you and mor than anything as I have said befor. But a dumb bunny like me gets funny idias. I don’t know if you can understand just what I mean but some days I just figure or think to myself I wonder if this darn war will end in my time or if it could go on for another 5 years. You may not think that as you usualy get the good side of it on the news and in the papper. Unfortuonatly I don’t have to even look at a papper to see how things are. But not when I look things over I can see where this war in Germany will be all over soon. Just as long as they don’t Hand Cuph me into Japan I am shor I will be home and have you in my arms and Howie to bed early the first night in about 6 months 2 months for the war to finish and 4 to get the kids under us for Canada I send you a few bucks the other day I didn’t have much but hope it will help us some. It was the first time I could get to see a pay master or I would have sent it befor. I am also sending those shoes and a few old things I have carried for a long time I have them all ready but they have to be censored. Keep wich ever pair of shoes you wan’t and send the others to mother as I promised her a pair a long time ago. Well my dearest I must close now I would have wrote a letter only it has beena  long time cince I have writen and I wan’t you to get word from me befor I loose you with someone else. All my love my love

Your loving Bill


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Original Scans