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Date: June 28th 1942

No1 C.A.R.U. R.C.A.

Canadian Reg Unit

E Bty C.A.O.

June 28 1942

Dearest Helen

Well how is my little wife. I hope you are as good as I am. I went on leave for 7 days and just came back and had two of your letters here and one from mother. Boy it is shore good to hear from you. I went to Scotland and I had a lot of fun the people are so frindly there They are so diferent there than hear. Here they won’t even talk I didn’t have much money but it didn’t cost any thing to lay around the parcks and go to a few shows we went to the zoo and around to some of the castles. And I hope you don’t get mad when I tell you of the girls I met. We had a lot of fun just listening to the way they talked. But you can say any thing about there Scoutch talk but can’t make them mad. Well I just wish you where hear, there are thousands of girls there but there aren’t any that can compare with you and I mean it kid. I was talking to more girls than I ever seen and I would make them mad when I would tell them they would have to  run to compare with my wife. well that is enough of that for now. Well I was glad to see the under ground in London and those trains don’t waste any time. There is shore a lot of work to make all the toun like that under ground. They are all electrick trains hear in the cities. Well I am getting so I can talk with a Scotch and English acsent but I hope I don’t do it long. Gen. McHotan said if we didn’t get a second front in to months we were all going back and I hope it is back. I was shore supprised to hear mother was in the same boat as you but I could tell there was something wrong like that the way she wrote her letters they were a lot like yours. It would be swell fi you bothe go to the hospital the same time. Sam I shore hope I can be back at the time. That is all I think of lately. Well honey I don’t know of much more to write but we ar going out soon I think and I hope it is back to you. I want to go and see Ben he wrote me a letter saying I better come down or els He said he has a letter from you for me I can’t figure it out but maby he said that to make shore I got there. Well I will let this letter go for now and add a little on after while. Well kid here I am again 29th and hope I can get this letter on its way. I have just come in from a little parade this morning. I shore wish I had some pictures of the things we seen on our leave. Well honey you can see I don’t know just what to write. But the boys have been shore giving me heck hear. Saying that they were going to send you a line they shore have a lot of fun teasing me but they don’t mean it they get me mad once in a while but I cool odd when I think well they are just teazing me. I shore hope mother is not sick and when you said you might have a nerves brake down you had me worried. You are write about that room but when I get back I hope to have more than a room. And there will be two beds instead of one I hope. I get a big lauph out of my pal here when he sais he will never get married because I said the same thing. And he is like I was you can tell him that he will run into the wright one some day and he won’t be able to help it. But I know how it is and he don’t. I hope he don’t run in to a gal here though. That is one thing I believe that there is only one girl in the world for a man and I found mine didn’t I. Well honey I will have to cut this letter now and as I have said before take care of yourself and don’t worry to much and I will write again soon. With all my love for ever yours Bill Evans

Your old man.


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