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Date: June 18th 1942

No.1. C.A.R.O. RCA

Ca. Base Unit

C.A.O. England

June 18 1942

Dearest Helen

Well I received your letter yesterday gosh it was a relief to hear from you. I cept writing letter after letter trying to get an answer. And just the other day I wrote you trying to tell you to write. I thought something may be wrong “don’t pay any atention to the letter I wrote last.” Well honey now that my speech of apoligie is over I will try and write something When I read your letter yesterday I had to lauph right out lowd. when you said do I still sneeze well kid I don’t know because I have never tried to find that our here and I don’t intend to those things don’t bother me a bit. how bout you I know it wont a few months from now and as you say you have been sick. it wouldn’t get you that way. I was sorry and mad at myself. for leaving when you where sick but what could I do you to the Can. or the hill as they called it. or some here they had me stumped and if I could have wiggled out of it for a while I shore would have. I told you when I joind up I didn’t whant to get over here. As you know I am not the Bos. Well kid I am shore glad that I am going to be a pop and I hope and pray you don’t be sick. For gosh sake take the best of care of your self and don’t worry about me. If I can make it back before the time I shore will and I have a funny feeling I will. I know by your letter and the kids letters you are worring. But take my word I and not to be worried about It is not as bad here than if I was on a tractor in the field. If you get scratched on a fence you have first aid all the time. So put that worry about me out of your mind. The only place I was in danger was coming over here and we all made it. You said you were out with Mossy I think he is a swell kid as you know. But all men have a week point for a girl like you so don’t make him my enamy. I told him weeks before I came over that I was going over. I told you to but you din’t believe me and nor did he so I just kept quiet I didn’t want to tell you anyway. Because you would be thinking all kinds of things. I hope you don’t hold that against me. There was a reason for it. I suppose the boys that are in Canada now will stay there because I heard over the news that old Bul dog said we were going to be home for Christmas. I don’t know how but I hope he is write. Say why don’t you think off some other name besides that William I never did like that name. Whats wrong with the other name I have. Nothing like a little argument is there only we can do it on papper. I but you win out because your papper don’t cost as much there as here. But to tell you the truth I wouldn’t fight over it. And I hope it is a girl it may look just like you only I would have a hell of a time keeping the boys away. Well kid you are the mother so I think it is mostly for you to decide but don’t call him Bill if it is that. I hope I will be there and help you diside. Say honey I am going to send some more money to you as soon as they will let me they won’t let me do it for months after the day we got married I have tried it a few times all ready. Well I don’t know what to tell you about Ben because I havn’t seen him. Well honey I didn’t like the trip and I didn’t wan’t to see another country. I told you when we met I was through with traveling and I meant it. When I met you I found what I was looking for and take my word for it I am finished traveling. Well I have to go now. So solong for now I will write soon. Yours for ever.

Bill Evans



Write soon Dearest.

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