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Date: June 17th 1945
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen and Howie

Well my love I am back to writing again I wrote you about 2 weeks ago. I figured I would be on my way home but I am still over in Holand I am going to England tomorrow I don’t know if I will be coming back here or not shor hope not. But if they don’t get cracking on this demarking I am going to try and go home even if I have to give up my gratuity it seems as though the army has all they wan’t of me now and don’t care about the farm going to Hell there may be a chance of me getting home by Xmas but I am not banking on it. Even though I am going to try my best to make it sooner. I hope you have a bottle wisky saved up for our selibration when I get back. How is our we son getting on I hope he will know me and that I will be axepted as a good Xmas gift if I am lucky enough.

I received your parcel the day before yesterday And was realy glad to get it the chicken went real good as well as the rest of the things. Have you heard from Ben and if so when does he figure on getting home. I think we should go home on the same boad as we came over. He will have just as many points as I. So we should do. It would be nice “ha”. Well my love I havn’t had a letter for a while but I suppose you may have figured I was on my way home as I didn’t write for a long time I can’t seem to write much now I thought I could when I sat down But I guess I can’t do you will have that much mor to listen to when I get back the main thing is do you still love me as I do you. And hope upon hope to be home soon as posible. All my love

Dearest I am yours




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