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Date: June 6th 1942

No.1 C.A.R.U. R.C.A.

Canadian Base Unit

C.A.O.E. Bty

England June 6. 1942.

Dearest Helen.

Well hear I am again honey. I am still of parade with my foot but aside from that I am O.K. and hope you are the same. Well it is Sat. afternoon and I thought I would go out in the trees and write you a litter. It is real hot here I am glad I am not on parade because I would melt away. I wrote to your folks yesterday I don’t know if they can real it or not but they can’t say I didn’t write. Dam I wish you were with me here it is so quiet here in the shade just the birds singing I have never seen a pretty country like this before. There are flowers and large and small trees all over and there is nothing I like better than to come out like this and be alone. I don’t know why it is but I love staying out here and thinking of you. I hope when this war is over we can go on a trip some where and realy take it easy for a while I know you would like it and if I can make it posible we will do it. This is the real way to live but the only thing that spoils it is not having you here to enjoy it to. How in hell do you spell that word. I need you to help me spell to. I don’t know why I havn’t heard from you I hope it is just that the letters havn’t come here yet. I know you are writing. And I hope you will tell me every little thing just like you would if I was there. Well honey I don’t know when I will get on the truck for shore but I hope it is soon. It is the same in the army all over you never know what you will be doing the next minuit. As you should know by now. I havn’t seen Ben yet but hope he will be up today or Sun. If you only know how brown I am getting over here from this sun. I look like Betty does in the summer as you know she gets real dark.

Well I think I will have a smoke as it is time for me to rest my arms it is hard to write laying down. Well I had my smoke a good Canadian cigaret would taste better but havn’t got any I payed out a half crown for cigarets last night wich is the same as 60c in Canadian money last night and they are goen so you know how much the cost I smoke is less not than I did and I never had more than 25 a day if you remember. Well kid I want to write but I can’t think of any thing of interest to you. I havn’t been anywhere or I could tell you about my trip. All I do is go to a few shows. I should say a lot. But I can’t explain them very well. I have quit going to them for a while I think because I just got sick of them and it is so hot in there. Well the boys are near finished there training hear and then they go to the field wich is the front where ever that is. I don’t know if I will be going or not because I have missed a lot of training. It may be better if I didn’t go but I hate to be left be all the boys I have got to know. But as I said befor the army will deside for me. Well this pen is going dry and I am a long way from ink so will have to quit. And leave a few works for the next letters I hope I can think of something to write. With all my love and hugs and kisses. OXXXOXXXOXXXO

Your old man

Bill Evans


Please write soon.

For ever your husband.


Mistakes and misses are meant for hugs and kisses.

I don’t think you will run short. I put water on my pen and it still writes dosn’t it. Well Don’t wory I am O.K. Say hello to every one for me. S.W.A.K. Seald with a Kiss. Smart eh.

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Original Scans