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Date: June 2nd 1945
Helen and Howie

Jun 2/ 45

Dearest Helen and Howie

Well my love this is my first letter since Vday. The mail was so poor at going out well are we going on a trip when I get back or do I just go back to work. Had a letter from you the other day saying you may go with the folks to B.C. I think you will have plenty of time befor I get back it will likely be a year you know I am just a somby. So it will take a while befor I can get away. But open up those purly gates when the time comes because I will be commin on the run. Have you seen the folks lately. And how is Howie. Do you think he will know his old man I shor hope so. Well I am going on leave on the 21st so I guess that will fill in the time a little it shore has been going slow lately and I guess the next few months will go like years. How I am loning for the day when I can get you in my arms again looks like it is in sight now as long as some other war don’t start. Has there been any boys come home yet shor wish I was with the first lot. but I guess we are lucky to be still living as the Cpn. Said the other day. Have you got the wisky saved up on ice for our little selibration and the bed all ready to clime in. Say what time does Howie get us up in the morning and How often in the night. You know I have to know these things so I can pracktis. But just as long as he knows how to make a sound like a 88 shell he won’t have any trouble waking me up. But you may have some time trying to find what hold I went into as I was the boy that could find em fast. If the boys seen tow feet out of a hole they know it was me and it was time to clime in with me. Well we had a lot of fun after it was all over we still get talking about the old scares we had and the way we got out of some hot spots. Well I see honey the sheet is just about ful sorry I havn’t said mor but please be pachant and I will say plenty when I get home. Tell me did Betty get the parcel I send. My sister I mean. All my love dearest. Hope to see you soon. XXXXXXXX Bill.

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