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Date: July 28th 1918

B.E.7 France, July 28, 1918

Dear People,

Here is a piece of news which may interest you. For the present I am attached to the staff of the Y.M.C.A. where I am trying to fill the position of pianist in an orchestra which is just being formed to play in conjunction with the 3rd Divisional Concert Party. The “job” came in my way quite unexpectedly. Perc Hawkey, who plays the violin as well as the piano, recommended me to the officer in charge here with whom he is acquainted, and Captain Plankett (the officer just mentioned), by some mysterious power managed to persuade the ruling powers in the battalions that our services there could be dispensed with a time. Though there is other work which I could do better than this, still I find this work very enjoyable and am working hard at it. Moreover, not having been very well lately, I was very glad to get away from the Batt. Until I tell you otherwise please keep on sending my mail to the old address.

A letter from Marion and a card from Mother (Clifton Springs) came last week. I haven’t heard directly from Father for a long time but likely a couple of letters have been delayed. Marion’s epistle written from Weston was full of interesting notes about Weston folks. Kathleen Meldrum must be a rather attractive looking girl by this time. Is she still as wild as ever or is she gradually becoming more decorous in her behavior? There seems to be something particularly suitable about the Packhams working in banks. I can fancy them doing so all their lives; but it is to be hoped that they will be able to capture a couple of not so reluctant males before old age (which fast approaches upon us all) finds them still at the desk bespectacled and respectable. I do wish you could manage to send me some of that salad which you mentioned. It must have been scrumptious. I ran across a little picture in a magazine to day which rather amused me. It showed two puppies – the kind with the big ears and one black eye squatting beside a bookshelf. One of them had a big book open before him and his front paws on the pages: the other was scratching behind his ear with a hind foot and the former was saying to the latter   “Oh say! you ought to read this book. It tells about Jason and his quest of the golden fleas.”

Hoping to see Will soon. I don’t think he is very far way. If all goes well it may be possible to get some leave about the end of the year.

Ever so much love to all,


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