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Date: May 9th 1942

No 1. C.A.R.U. C.A.O. R.C.A

G. Battry B. Troop. Gunners Evans. S.W. M36468

May 9. 1942

Dearst Helen

Well sweatheart how are you I hope O.K. I sent a telegram to you the other day I think you will have it by now. I am OK and not doing much a little guard work and the same as we did over there. I think I will have to start getting some letters or I will go nuts here like some of the other boys did. I wish I could forget some things in the past and go out like the other fellows but I can’t and all I do is go out in the trees and lay in the grass thinking of you and things we have done and yet to do it seems like I am write there and then I think of how far it is home you know it is to far to walk. It is good in one way I can stay in at night and work mayby we can make a little more money and save it for when I get back. Well every one here still thinks that the war will be over this year. Have you heard of any of the boys beeing called up yet. I heard they were conscripted am I write in that kase they will have to go. It is good in a way but I hope they leave the married men out of it if they feel like I do.  

Well kid I will be home this fall one way or another if you get what I mean. Well I suppose you want to know what we do here well it is the same old thing every day. We go out in the morning at 7 and go out to the parade square and come back to the hut and get ready for P.T. and go for a run and a few exersizes then we go and have dinner. There we have rifel drill the same as we had in Camrose. The hole thing because some of the men where never traned at all in Canada We get of at 4 in the afternoon untill ten at night we get called out to fight fire once in a while the army is the fire department here that is about all we do. Now tell me every thing you are doing I am waiting. Let me know how every one is there. Well kid what do you want to do when I get back I think of that every once in a while boy just whate till we get a home of our own. That’s the day I am looking forward to when I can go to work and come back and have my wife waiting at the door with a club in her hand asking me why I was late for supper. Ha ha wont that be fun. And mother thinking I wasn’t ready to settle down. Boy there is nothing I want more. How bout you. I am just wating for that day and it better not be long or I will start to swim home. I could get home that way but you know there are so many things. They can get me and stop your pay oh well there are so many ways that it would wreck things so I think I will just fight and do my best and hope the same way myself I don’t think I ever will have to fight nor do most of the men here. But kid I had a good name in Calgary and I am in the safest place and the best place in any service thanks to Captain Zane and Sargent Daw. After I put up a fight to get my self out of the C.H. I got in good all rownd. So I have got know kick at all and am getting on swell here. I am going to take a DM trade here and with my electricity I think I have got something to keep us after this war is over and if any one tels you I didn’t pass in Calgary tell them that my papers are here as a qualifide Electrician and didn’t need any more traning in that line so I had the instructor all wrong when I thought it was his falt I left school. Well kid I don’t know were to send this letter because I don’t know where you are But I hope it will get you. I sent the telegram to home and I know they will see that you get it. Where ever you are don’t work to hard and don’t forget your old man in other words me. And if you do go out don’t get with the wrong ones please it ain’t healthy. But I have that feeling that you will be like me and won’t feel like going out much write and tell me the true facts please. Hony well I think I will say good night for now

Your Dearst

Old man

Bill Evans.


xxxxxxxxO and for ever a hug.


Or do you know my writing by now.


If you ever whant to know anything go to mother and I think she will take care of you I wish you would let her know how I am and tell her a letter will be there soon and to try and dig up some sigarets they are hard to get here. Tell dad these shoes realy shine after they got some of that Barn on there I take a good sniff of it every time I get homesick they all ask me what makes them shine but the Sarg said not to tell them or he would find them all looking for a Barn so long Be good.

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