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Date: July 2nd 1918


July 2, 1918

Dear People,

Not a very long letter this week as I have little to tell you except that I am well. Since last writing we have moved to the other end of the earth, more or less, coming partly by lorries and partly on foot. We had two long days marching which my foot stood remarkably well.

Yesterday the Corps sports were held, which to my great disappointment, it was impossible for me to attend. Both Dorland and Will expected to be there and I was hoping to see them.

Just two cards from Mother this week both from Clifton Springs. Many happy returns or your anniversary. It is a pity that we cannot al be together to celebrate it.

Very hot weather lately with infinite grime and dust. One gets to feel like a perfect swine at times. Heard some time ago that Dave Keith had been wounded. Do you know what his address is? Haddow will be on active services in another month I expect. Will says that he will probably go into sea plane work. Personally I think Will ought to go into the same work because he has so much ability for it and would find it so interesting: though he did tell me once that he had no enthusiasm for any kind of military job. Temperamentally I think he is almost as much a pacifist as I am, but he is probable the most practical and effectual male member of the [?] as I am certainly the least.

In one of your letters Mother you asked me what I thought of Ronald. I think he is an excellent well-balanced all round man. I felt sure that he is perfectly ingenious and high minded, generous and enthusiastic, but at the same time shrewd and very capable with plenty of self confidence to make his way and sufficient worldly wisdom to keep him from doing anything foolish. Of course it is getting to three years since I have seen him and my impressions were formed upon what was really rather superficial acquaintance.

Ever so much love to all,


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