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Date: May 24th 1942


No. 1. C.A.R.U. R.C.A.

E Battry D Troop. May 24. 1942

M36468 Grs Evans SRU


Dear Wife

Well Dearst here I am again I hope you are OK I got your Telegram the other day I got it on the 22. Boy it was good to hear from you I hope I get a letter from you soon. Your old man aint as good as you think I am off parade for a week and if I have any thing to say I don’t think it will get better at least the M.O. said he couldn’t do any thing with it. Mayby you would know what it was It is my left foot it just went to Hell the other day and what I mean it went in a hurry! don’t know if they are going to cut my catagories or not if they do I hope they put me out or send me back. If they don’t send me back I think I would go nuts in this camp doing dishes or washing floors so Honey I might have to stay right here for gosh sakes don’t get it in your head that I am coming back before the war is over because that is hard to do here. But you never can tell I think there may be a chance but it would take months for them to make up there minds, well that is enough of that. I don’t know how many times I have writen but I know how much I have got hope you are writing a lot in your letters so when I do get them I will have lots to read. Well dear I have moved into a diferent hut as you can see by my address There are a swell bunch of boys 4 of us in one corner here from Alberta and we shore have fun. But darn if I have to stay and let them go I, well kid that is why I don’t want to stay in this camp because you just make friends and away they go. I don’t know if you can read this or not I am writing on the bed and it don’t work so hot and I am useing your picture for a pad. Well honey lets hope I get back soon and pray you and all are well and stay that way don’t wory about me I am just a lamb old horse. Maby lucky if I do stay out of the front but I came over here to fight and it realy takes me down a notch the boys are all going ahead and leaving me in the dust but no I say it must have been meant to quit working and hope I can make it home if I can’t stay with an A. catagorie well all my love and don’t worry or do anything bad. Good night honey

Loads and loads of love your old man Billie Evans.



P.S. well honey the boys say they are going to write you for me but if they do I think you can tell my writing from theres good luck sweatheart and all my love x


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