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Date: March 24th 1916
Jessie Davidson
J.F. Davidson


Through the kindness of Miss Jessie Davidson, Camborne, we are privileged to print the following letter from her brother, Corp. ,J,F, Davidson, who is at Bramshott Camp, The letter was written on March 19th,:

We are pretty busy now, getting all our service equipment which makes a lot of work for our department. I have been working almost all day, but now after supper I am getting my letters answered. By the looks of things we will have to wait for orders, which come anytime, day or night, and we do not know where we are going to be when we finished our journey. Where ever we are it is all the same to us as they are sure feeding and looking after the men in this war. So you say there are a lot of the boys around home joining up. Tell them to look me up if they get near the 50th Infantry Battalion. I might know them and I might not, but since I have been wearing a moustache, and when I go to France, I am figuring on growing a full beard. About the only thing I might need here or in France would be tobacco or socks. It is very hard even over here to get good tobacco and they say did not that T~B Plug that you sent at Christmas taste good. When we leave here we travel fairly light, but we can leave our things to be sent on by our friends. My chum, C. Moore, has an aunt living near here, so we are going to leave our extra clothes with her and if we need them we can send for them, but it will be into next month before we cross the channel, at least, so we may miss the worst of the spring weather over there. I get letters from all over, even from France, as I have a chum over there with the 10th Battery (or Battalion?). So I get a lot of news of how things are going over there, and it looks as if there was a good chance of finishing it up this year so we can get home for Christmas, and I surely hope we may. When we do come back to Canada, I will try and come and see you people as we will not be in such a hurry as when we left; but we can talk over that later on. Most of the 'big mugs' over here say it will all be cleaned up by the 1st of July and that the Allies are going to make one grand rush sometime soon we mayor may not be in it. It depends on how soon we get over there. Well I guess that is about all, except that I am about as big as ever, only weigh 185 pounds low, so I am not wasting away to a shadow. I have not been sick a day or missed a meal yet.

Yours truly, FRANK.
(J..F. Davidson, 434183, 50th Batt., C.E.F., Bramshott, England.)