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Date: April 22nd 1918

13 Con Depot B.E.7 France


Monday April 22, 18


Dear Folks,


Had letters from Father and Marion and a card from Mother this week the exact dates of which I forget, somwehere about the beginning of March. I also heard from the Haddows and was greatly surprised to learn that he was in France.


You no doubt will be surprised to find me still at Trouville. As a matter of fact it is rather strange because the party was broken up a week ago. we all went on “fit parade’ last Monday and have been going off one by one ever since. Yesterday I thought my time had come for I was warned and paraded with the draft. Imagine my astoundment when I was taken off at the last minute! There must have been one or two too many I suppose. However, no doubt I shall go Wednesday when the next evacuation takes place. The only one of the party besides myself who still remaines is Rigby, our ‘girl’. Being a category man and a priceless possession he will likely be put on the permanent staff for the depot show though he may first have to go to his base for a medical [?].


He is an awfully nice kid and really quite clever. What his future may be I don’t know. His voice isn’t good enough for Musical Comedy and besides being rather small I don’t think he is serious minded enough for legitimate dreams. Probably the ‘movies’ will be his best opportunity though he is so shred and has such emgaging manners that I shouldn’t be surprised if he was a managing agent, a producer or something of that sort in a few years. He is going to give me a couple of photos of himself as [?] which I hope to be able to send home. If it hadn’t been for the recent ‘push’ by our friend the enemy I might have been able to sent home a few portraits of my own. There is a photographer in town who does excellent work at a very reasonable price, so I sent to France for some money several weeks ago. But the letter was delayed in some way and only reached me yesterday so I am afraid that it is too late to do anything now, but if you like, I’ll take advantage of the next opportunity.


We had a snowstorm a few nights ago but I think that was the last kick. Lovely weather now. The fields are [?]redded with [?] and daisies and in the broad valley back of the depot there are many orchards with cherry trees all in blossom. It will be “Apple Blossom [?] Normandy” before long. Little did I ever think when that as my was being sung that, within a few years I should actually be in Normandy.


Haven’t heard from Bill for a good while. Poor fellow, he has hard upleasant work but I think he will stick out instead of going into the [?] service on Mother’s account. First time I saw him he told me that his knuckles were getting so bit and clumsy that he could hardly play his violin. His work is real work, however, and he hasn’t much to do with the senseless red tape of military procedure.


Ever so much love to all,



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