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Date: April 15th 1918

April 15, 1918

 No 13 Com Depott B.E.7. France

 Dear Folks,

It is a cool, pleasant evening and I had just come off of fit parade which means, in plain language that I am going out tomorrow. The various camp current parties are being broken up owing to the advent of summer, and the depot party is being formed. Considering the fact that I have been here two months my exodus is not unreasonable and not unexpected.

 Mail has been either lost or delayed lately, but I received a very nice box from you last week containing among other things a delicious cherry cake which was enjoyed by all the members of the hut. Quite the best thing however was Mother’s letter dated February 13 which was on top. I expect my letters will be delayed again for awhile now. When you next write address the letter to the Can. M.G. Base Depot as I may not get back to the same company.

 Busy today washing clothes and getting ready for my departure, It will be rather an unpleasant experience at first, to break into soldiering again but it won’t take long to get used to the old routine. My nine weeks rest has been spent very pleasantly and it is rather a wrench breaking up the party for we have always got along splendidly together.

 I forgot to tell you that two star weeklies and a copy of the ‘Globe’ also reached me last week. One of them contained the news pr Gwynny[?] Macraes death of which, however, I had already heard. I don’t suppose any of you knew him. I saw him for a few minutes one day just before leaving Toronto.

 Have heard no news about the Hamiltons for ever so long. Of everybody else though, [?], you have kept me pretty well informed.

 Very, very much love to you all. It does seem now as though the war really had entered on its final stage, somewhat belatedly I fear.But any finish will be a fairly happy ending won’t it?




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