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Date: 1942

M36468 Gn Evans S.W. Plat Battery

6th field regiment


Dearest Helen.

Well here I am just a week since I wrote but seems a month. How are you honey I am oK. and hope the little one the same. I have moved now as you can see, Boy it is a lot better here than in the other Camp. I hope I never see it again only when I go through it again on my way back. I got in this outfit by luck I think or talking maby. As you know all the boys from home are in the 2 div. and they are all close around us, some are right here. Say did you know the Inch boys from Acme I think I heard you say something about them well there is one here I think it is Gorge I havn’t got around to see him yet. There are some others to Bill Whane and Harry Bowl and One Goodrich boy Gorge I think. Well honey I am on guard now and am just writing in my spare time. It is swell here we are out in the open and in tents and I always did like it in the open. I am a driver out here. I managed to get on that if I keep on doing as good as I have been. I might make a solder after all. “ha, ha,” I might save myself a lot of papper if I just say I am in the 2 div if you know where the boys are.

We eat a lot better and it is swell to think of staying with the same boys till it is over They are all the same here just like a big family the Rank don’t make any difernce every one is known by his name and not div. they all sleep the same Eat the same and act like any other person. Well honey this is just a line I know not that I don’t wan’t to write more but I am going on guard in a few minits and have to get on the job. But I will writ soon again and it is better to write often than a letter once a month isn’t it. Well will have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon. As ever yours and loads of love yours forever Bill Evans.



PS, Give my love to all, and my Address is

M36468 Gn Evans S.W.

91st Battery

6th Field Regt.


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