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Helen and Howie

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That I think we went through all that befor. Have you heard of Menow Brown or does he still shop the odd line. I wish I could have seen him he may be here to. I don’t know may run into him some day. And how is my old gal Nadein doing often wonderd how she made out. And Miss what was her name the one that lived down stairs when we where at our home How is she any way? Well tell me all about Howie and his stories and what you are doing I may find something to make a letter mor of a letter it is so hard honey I think you can understand what it is to write a letter here. Well must go get a drink of Coaco So well say goodnight for this time God bless you all All my love dearest I love you and don’t be a worrying about your old man hay

All my love dearest your husband

Bill ooo xxxx


Xxxxx ooo

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Original Scans