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Date: November 5th 1944
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen & Howie

Well my love how are you keeping. I sort of slipped up for a week on my letters but it is just as well I did as I didn’t feel in the mood at all. I went to bed last night with one of my old headaches just as bad as you used to get but of course it wasn’t caused from the same thing. I think it is from driving so much at night and the sun was so darn bright on the wet road yesterday sort of affected me like being snow blind. I had to stop for a while till I gave my eyes a rest so I could see where I was going. I was scared don’t you think you would be if all of a sudden things went darn near black. But I am Ok. Today feeling tops in fact. Say honey I have a pair of little wooden showes I had made for me for a soveneer from one of the French men here for a soveneer of Normandy. I will send them as soon as I can. I have to do a little work on them yet varnish and printing as they are just plain now. So do take care of them I figured they would make a little something of an orniment for our home when we get it. I will get all the things I can in that line if you wan’t I think it’s a good idia how about it. Did you get the last parcel I sent you I should say the first I am one _ _ _ _ of a man But it always seemed when I could get something I never had the money or couldn’t send parcels if I could get it. I hope you don’t hold it agin me as I will try and make up for it now. How are the folkes yours and mine and the kids are they still o.k. And where is shorty now. Say honey you mentioned in your last letter that you where going on strike about the pictures of you untill I sent one it’s a good idia but you may be on strike for a long time the way things are here one of the lads took a snap of me when we first came over I mentiond it to you but it hasn’t been developed yet we sent it away but it hasn’t been heard of since. But his camera takes 127 film. So if you can get any please send them and I may be able to send the film to you I will see if I can. I heard from Jake the other day he is just fine wants to get over here but can’t crazy So and So. But I like it better hear than England I can’t get into so much mischeif, I havn’t been on charge since I came over. Got my fingers crossed though, I also had a letter from my cousin Betty and one from Norha. Got a big blast for not writing so I guess I had better answer them soon. I think I will just write the one and address it to the two of them. You don’t mind me writing to my girl friends do you ha ha. I havn’t spoken to a girl since I came over only to pass remarks from the truck and get a smile from those who could do so. But I can’t speak much French so I don’t think you need to worry about me running out on you. I do wish we could just get together in reality instead of these darn letters and dreams. Yes I still dream of you every now and again at night, But my thoughts are with you all the day how about you do you think of me much. I just wonder what you are doing if you have changed much and wonder when we shall get back together and I often just sit back and dream of what I would be doing if I was at home. Have Howie on my knee and you along side me or doing something around the House befor we went to bed. Well I wonder how much longer I will have to just dream these things. For nearly three years it has  been the talk of the boys “well lets hope we can spend next Xmas at home,” I think I will change it and say I hope we can have next New Years at home. And see how many years that is good for, I know it is a poor way to talk but I get so darn fed up some times it isn’t funny. Fed up and miserable that I almost bight any ones head of when they speak every one does its a good thing we don’t all pick the same day to feel that way. Well my love I must close I know I havn’t said much but there realy isn’t much to say I could talk about the country but it would be like trying to explain in Chines So I better call it a letter. I have New York on my set now my Radio I mean. The one I made not bad is it, above all remember I love you dearest Honey and do be good it may be over befor long.

Dearest Love your Husband

Xxxxxxx xxxxx ooo


Xxxxxxxx ooo

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Original Scans