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Date: November 12th 1944
Helen and Howie


Sun 10:30 A.M.

Dearest Helen and Howie.

Hello Honey how are you I feel just fine tonight feel like a good time wish I was home with you don’t we. How is our little son getting on I have that photo of him right in front of me here it is getting a little dirty but we will clean it up when I get home. And our wedding picture is getting pretty well wrecked to it has seen a lot of country. You know that little picture I prized so much of you sitting on my knee on the front steps of my folks place the day after we where married well I had it next to my heart in my walet but some money got loose in it and scratched the center out of it so our picture is shot. I hope you have one or the negative. As I realy like that picture you looked so nice and I didn’t show up so much in it. I can just see you now sitting on my knee there on the snow laden porch. Gosh honey I miss you more and more every day. Sometimes I wish I could get you out of my mind for a min. do you ever feel like that. But all I live for is you and Howie and the day when I can be a real daddy and a husband, to you. By the way I am sending that money I don’t think I can get it there by Xmas as I was wanting to. But that’s all I can do about Xmas this year. Lets hope I can be Santa Claus next year for ceeps and in real flesh. In other words I am planning on being home then just think honey just one more year, if not sooner. It should be over then. Can you wait that long I can. Have you seen the folks my folks I mean lately. And how are they all. Dam this pen is sort of shot. But hope it won’t have to write much more I guess I can use yours when I get back to write all my girl friends over here when I get back, ha ha. What you say?

I had 500 Cigs from Mom and dad Klassen and a Paul yesterday just hit the spot I havn’t those shoes finished as yet next week we shall get them finished I havn’t the varnish now. So Bill Talor is married and little Hitler is getting married. Married or not when I get home the fighting for me is just going to begin. I have a little job to help them a long with we shall see who can run the fastest and longest. So if you see Hen tell him I still havn’t forgoten and am looking forward to the day when I can get my hands on him. Well dearest I have to call this a letter.

Ooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxx I love you honey dearest.

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Original Scans