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Date: July 19th 1942

July 19 1942

Dearest Helen       

Well kid here I am. It is Sun. again and I said in my last letter I would write you soon. You can be shore that you will get lots of letters after this one because I just have to write you or wory about it all day and night. I went to sleep for a while today and darn you can believe this or not I dreamed I was home with you again and I can’t remember of any time I have goen to sleep this week that I haven’t dreamed something about you. Well honey I am in D Bty. Now that is the windy MTY you know and I don’t know when we are going out but it must be soon. I was in the kitchen all the end of last week and this weekend but I didn’t go today just this morning. They can find some one els I don’t mind it for a while but I like a little time of to dream about you and home. I just hope I don’t get puled up for it and get pack drill don’t you the last boys that did that got a weeks pack drill. Ok well whats a little drill just take your mind of some things I like to dream of but hate to wake up and find it all fake. Do you whant to know what I was dreaming of this after noon it was that I had been home with you and the little one in Nov. and I was trying to figure out a way of getting out of coming back here and doing a year in the glass house but the more I think of it If I could be with you then I would do a year without kicking about it to much.

There has been some of the boys get back but they all get a year in the glass house that is the big jus here when they gave themselves up. The only thing that holds me back is the money being stoped. And that isn’t so hot is it. Well honey I havn’t been doing much and don’t know of any thing to write every thing is the same here. Only I am getting more lonely so you can see honey I love you I guess and that can’t be knocked out of me or forgoten can it.

I shore hope something happens soon so I can get in fighting or they call the hole thing of so we can get back together again. You never can till it is lible to stop or go any time isn’t it It can stop just as fast as it started it just depends on who gets the last punch. And I hope it is us. I havn’t writen the kids yet darn me it seems like I just can’t get down to it.

I havn’t had a letter from you this week but am hoping it will come soon as some more boys just came and I think they brought some over. There was some mail here yesterday but there wasn’t any sigs. for me some of the other boys got some. I don’t know what is wrong but I hope they get here soon. I think I will have to quit for. this time. Hope you are still well and don’t worry about me. I am O.K. and don’t let me down and I will try the same. How do you like me to finish my letters.  Just yours for ever or goodnight. Well I don’t know just how to express my love the most. But just remember I love you more than anything in all the world. And am yours for ever and ever.

Bill Evans



And all you can handle and so long as you wan’t them.

P.S. Remember me to the kids and folks. Tell Marg to drop me a line and Eva what is wrong with her. Give Tike a hug and kiss for me and Betty and give Bruce a good spanking to ha ha


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