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Date: July 18th 1944
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen and Howie

How are you I received a swell letter from you today the second letter I have had since you started the air mails they made good time didn’t they shor was swell to get a letter like that. That was more like your old self. Glad you finaly received the $12.00 I was beginning to worry about it. Yes you are right about what we will do when I get bak. And I do hope I am back befor long and and am not the last to get back. Thanks a million for the pictures of Howie But where is the picture of you. You said you hadn’t changed who said you had and I don’t think I have getting wors looking every day but I know you can’t be as you will always be the prettyest girl as far as I am concerned. That’s what worries me me every one els things the same. But I guess you will stick with the old man. Hey. You had better or els ______.

Well what has our Howie been doing you know I had a letter from Mom yesterday to and she was saying she had been to to see you and how Howie came out with my picture and you had said for him to give daddy a hug and kiss. Well I can’t explain how I felt didn’t know if I should jump in the see and head for home on foot or what. You will never know the feeling it gives me when it gives me when I think of you and him and a nice quiet plase for just us three to have Howie on the bed first thing in the morning waking us up. Have you ever gone to bed and can’t get to sleep just laying and dreaming and still trying to go to sleep but can’t get the thing of intrest out of your mind. They are playing “you will never know how much I love you,” on the radio now. I wonder if you will? Well I couldn’t sleep a darn wink know matter what I did till way on in the morning. last night I bet you never thought you would keep a guy like me awake. When you where so far away. But it’s a fact kid. The boys where asking me what in hell is wrong with you Bill today. did you get back word from home so I told them no just homesick like the rest of you mugs. But we all seem to know just what the other is thinking and it’s a good thing because some one starts digging you and sort of brings you out of it for a while. Well my love I am writing away but I havn’t said much I was realy glad to hear you have some money in the bank and you are right we will need it. Thanks a lot for the swell parcel with the Corn and Beens and gum and soap as I realy enjoyed it. well my love I must say goodnight much as I hate to I have a feeling I will be awake part of the time tonight so lets home not, By the way you asked if I wanted mom to send some mor chicken it was lovely but it must be a lot of work to put it up and honey I can get it where I am now with know trouble. So its just as well not to bother but it realy hit the spot in England. Can’t get Corn or caned things like that here so they realy go down good. But listen I realy can do without it and spend the money on yourself and Howie. Cigs are the same we can get all we wan’t now at the same price as you pay. So don’t think I didn’t appreciate them because this buying them has just started. Well my love I must close as I said I was going to two pages ago I am in the second front as you asked me in your letter I didn’t wan’t you to worry so I never said anything befor. All my love dearest. I love you and praying to get back to you. I am yours. Your husband


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Original Scans