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Date: November 16th 1942

F Troop 6 Field Reg


Nov. 16 1942

Dearest Helen.

Well Kid I have finaly got down to writing you a line don’t know just what to write about because I haven’t heard from you for about 2 weeks and you know how I look forward to them. Well honey I suppose things will be all over when you get this I hope and with succsess. Well I don’t know just what to say as I don’t know just how you feel. Well I just got back from another shoot we have been going every week, and we have another next week. Dam I am so far behind in my letters and washing that I don’t think I ever will get back to normal. I received a letter from home and from the girls Mae and Kathern. I havn’t writen them for a long time and I also recieved one from Betty in Edmonton my aunt. I don’t know just when I will get to town and get some Christmas cards. I am going up on the mot tomorow I don’t think I am going to get anything out of it. It was on axident my friend and I went to Horsham and didn’t get our bus so the Provost got us and well you can see I am on the peg for being A.W.L. But thanks to good old luck my sheet is clean and it will help out a lot. I think my trades pay will be coming through and then I can get out once in a while, as it is now I am out short $4 a month realy goes fast. I havn’t heard from Ben for a long time but I hope to see him soon. Well kid or should I say mom. I think I better say goodnight for now and will write soon next week. For shore let me know how my letters are going through. Yours are getting hear Ok. I got a lot of Cigs from the Acme fund. Well I will call this a letter. The girls said you where going to Calgary I guess you are there now. and maybe in the hospital with Im along side of you. I hope hope I hope. Well don’t worry honey I think we may be back soon we hope. And untill I do you better be good. Your my girl aren’t you. Well yours forever with all my love and then some.

Bill Evans



P.S. Write a long letter please.    

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