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Date: July 11th 1942

No. 1 CAR U R.C.A July 11 1942

Can. Red. Unit

Dearest Helen:

Well honey I got your swell parcel with the lighter in it boy it is shore swell. only I didn’t expect you to pay so much for one and I can realy use the shaving soap and blades. They couldn’t have come at a better time. I got bouth of your cards and your letters. That card of me looking in the glass is realy good and so is the other but the card I got last shore for me. When I think of me being away from you. Well I can’t go on like that but kid I can’t wait till I get back I think I am getting worse instead of better. And I guess that means that absents makes the heart grow fonder. I hope it don’t get any fonder or I will be getting desperit and going back. Well. I think that is off little intrest to you: but I hope you don’t gt me wrong I mean that you can understand the way I feel the same as I can you. I am on an M.T. course here and just wrote my exams today I think I got first glass I did on my exam on the macanical part but I don’t know what I made on the driving only the Bdr. said I was well away. This is the first course I realy liked and found easy I never had any trouble at all. But driving over here is shor a lot harder than in Can. every thing is diferent the signals and road signs and cross country we drive places you would never think a truck or any thing could go. We have to drive at night without any lights at all and the roads are so narow you can’t hardly pass in the day time let alone at night and the roads a just the oposit heare they are the dich in Can we drive in a dich all the time you can’t get out unless you clime a wall. And the houses here are so close to the road. The door of them come right on to the road. And these darn people don’t care what side of where they walk over here. You will be going down the road and come to a bend and around the other side you will see a byck coming at you or people and kids all over the road.

Well honey I think you can see a little how it is over here you never go more than 100 yds without a bend in the road.

Well honey I don’t know what to do wether to try and get back home to you now or not. I think I could if I tried long enough on the count of my foot but you know it is taking a hell of a chance going over that water again and I am making enough money to keep us so what do you think. I may just get on my way back and they quit fighting and I wouldn’t like that. I hope you can see what I mean in my little speech. Not that I don’t want to get back because I would give my right arm and more just to see you again. But I think if we just make the best of it for a while and see what happens we might be better of. Well kis let me know what you think. I saw Ben the other day. and. I was shore clas to see him we are going out together next week Dick Page and Bill Falk and Ben and I. Ben is looking good but is the same as the rest of us lost a little fat which every man does over here. Because there isn’t much to eat. If you wan’t to know what to send I will tell you what I can. {jam. gum. Cigarets. cake. Sugar. coffie.} Well just any think in that line.

I hope you and junyer make out OK I always am worrying about you. Dam I should keep quiet about it I guess but I am like you I can’t forget it. And I am just as much a dad as you a mother when it comes to that. Dear what ever you do be carful. and don’t wory about me I am just as safe as a bug in a rug and I hope to be there at the time and if I can’t you can make up your mind. I will get there as quick as I can. I havn’t got any cigarets yet I don’t know if they are in the sea or still coming. I hope coming. I got the kids letters and mothers and one from Herb and Bert. From U.S.A. I hope you keep the old pen going as good for ever as you have been only don’t be like me don’t be afraid to write a big fat one.

Well honey I will; have to call this a letter and will write again soon. With all my love and all the hugs and X you can take for ever. Your Bill



P.S. that’s just a start.

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