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Date: November 21st 1942

6 Field Reg.


Nov. 21 1942

Dearest Helen.

Well my dear I just recieved your most welcome letter that was writen on Oct. 18 This is one letter I will answer write away and try and answer all the questions you have asked me. First of all you expect me to give you a hauling out because you missed writing a week. Well honey I don’t blame you for not writing because I miss once in awile to but I always have a good reason. You say here you had a chance to go to Calgary in a car by the way whose car was it? In several of letters you have told me the doctor says you are fine as fine as could be expected just what do you mean you must eather be fine or sick which is it I can guess as I have been doing you are sick. Well honey you said in another month it would be all over well this is the month and I wonder if it is. You maid a mistake in your letter when you said I will know whether it is a boy or girl. You should have said we will know well I still wan’t my little girl. You said you would call the girl if it is one Virginnia Helen. It sownd good to me and I don’t suppose it would make any difference if I didn’t like it it would be to late to say anything. Well all you said in your letter was you where over at [?] for the time you where in Calgary. What did you do there and how are they. Well I can see by this next few lines you realy are jealous. But there isn’t much I can say only I think you overlooked a few things when you got mad at me, I was only writing the kind of letter a lot of boys write to there cousins. And when you say I would get mad if you did it, Well I don’t know but I think I recall you doing mor than that to your cousins when I was there. But I don’t whant to start a argument on paper. But realy kid I didn’t think you would write a letter like that till you thought it over. Well we will forget that for now but wait till I get back. And I hope you won’t let that pen run away with you again. I felt like burning this letter after I read it but on second thought I will keep it and we will have something to look at when I get back. Well honey I will eat supper and start a clean sheet. So berry the hatchet and when I get back we will smoke the same cigaret. You say you get lonesome for a partner me I hope well kid I do to and in more ways than one. And I don’t know why I was the one to come over here but as you may know there are a lot over here now that have been in the army a month in Canada. Well honey I hope you arn’t drifting away from me like a lot of girls have done over there. But I just hope and pray and I wan’t to be one of a few that have a trew wife and one that loves me as I do her. You are swell and I like to here your troubles they are part of me. You say the army pays a part of your expenses Well I hope they do they always have since I can remember I thought you knew that. Well one of the boys are playing my accordion and I think I will call this a letter as I just wrote one last night. Well I hope the next letter is more the old type just my sweet wifes kind you know what I mean. Well hope to hear from you soon. Just as ever your husband. Bill with all my love xxxxxxx


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